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With these things in mind, I’ve made a few key adjustments to the Kings of Command baselines.

Taking things a step further, 16 percent has become a comically poor measure for a successful relief pitcher strikeout rate, as the major league average for relievers alone last season was 23.3 percent. Compare that to the starters’ average (20.6 percent), and it’s even clearer that starters and relievers should be evaluated separately.

In addition, with pitching workloads in rapid decline this decade, and role-driven staffs becoming increasingly in vogue, not to mention there being even more advanced measures with which to measure a pitcher’s true skill, I think it’s time we shift the swing-and-miss metric off of the pure strikeout rate.

The aim remains the same: Identify the pitchers who surrender the fewest free passes, induce the most swings and misses and command the strike zone the best. For the first time this season, however, starting pitchers and relief pitchers will have their statistics split up, and each set will have its own set of baselines.

But the Central Florida target still carries the potential that made him the 26th overall pick nearly three years ago. His combination of solid size (6’2, 214 pounds) and elite speed (a 4.24-second 40 time at his pro day in 2015) helps offset the lingering rawness he can’t seem to shake. Perriman still has plenty of room to grow, and a new coaching staff could be the key that unlocks his Pro Bowl potential.

It’s the first time Alderson has been that definitive about his anticipation of the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback’s future, but he is pleased with the progress Tebow has made since the team signed him on Sept. 8, 2016. That’s why Tebow was one of the 15 non-roster invitees who will work in the Mets’ big league camp over the next six weeks.

He’s dedicated himself to improving, Alderson said. Spent a lot of time in the offseason working with hitting coaches and so forth. So some people say, ‘Well, gee, why is he in the major league camp?’ I think realistically given his age, given where he started, he and we need to try and accelerate the process.

This experiment, if you will, is not going to last forever, but he’s made meaningful progress. We thought he would best benefit from being in major league camp. That would accelerate his development rather than falling back on protocol.

Leading 2016 receiver Shaedon Meadors missed the season with injury, and slot receiver Deltron Hopkins transferred, meaning Lamb was without each of his top four targets. Freshmen Thomas Hennigan, Jalen Virgil, and Malik Williams combined for nearly 40 percent of Lamb’s targets and finished with 84 catches, 1,121 yards, and 10 scores.bears_135

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