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NFL, Google have Vikings, Patriots in Super Bowl 52

The Philadelphia Eagles should not play the NFC Championship Game this weekend. Neither should the Jacksonville Jaguars with the AFC Championship Game.

I was pissed because I seen Amendola head-butt the hell out of Gip in front of the ref and you all don’t call nothing? Bouye said. It don’t make no sense, man; it’s a lot of stuff that don’t make no sense. I have a lot of respect for these people in this locker room. They kept fighting; we all kept fighting. We knew there was stuff we couldn’t control, and we kept it close.

The alleged head-butt from Amendola seemed to perturb Bouye the most.

I’m going to defend my teammates, Bouye said. You all see it on TV, the one where Amendola head-butted Gip. Right after the whistle was blown. Right in front of them. I’m just asking how you going to let them do that?

Bouye also said that multiple NFL players were texting him after the game about how the Patriots got all the calls during their win.

You all see it, Bouye said. I got players hitting me up in the NFL saying the same thing. But at the end of the day, we can’t put the blame on them. We didn’t execute good enough. They executed good enough.

This will be the second head-coaching opportunity for McDaniels, 41, who went 11-17 as Broncos coach in 2009-10. After a year with the Rams as offensive coordinator following that stint in Denver, McDaniels rejoined the Patriots in 2012 and has led an offense that has finished in the top four in points scored for each of the last six seasons.

In Indianapolis, McDaniels will get the chance to work with one of football’s top talents at quarterback in Andrew Luck, provided Luck’s health doesn’t continue to hold him back.

We have an edge to us, veteran defensive end Calais Campbell said. We want to intimidate opponents. We do a lot of trash talking. I love the intensity, but I have to tell the young guys sometimes to do it smart, do it between the whistles. That trash talking is a big part of our game. I am big fan of greatness, and I study a lot of great athletes — Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant. They were the biggest trash talkers. Reggie White was a big trash talker. So it’s OK to do it, especially when you are beating people. I don’t wanbears_137-223x223

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